Issues We Face

Explore a Greater Change


Academic Achievement

  • Raise Test Scores by giving the administrators, teachers and support staff the tools they need.

  • Spread Best Practices

  • Provide More Advanced Placement Courses

  • Close Achievement gap between African American/Latino students and others.

Offer The Best

  • Recruit & Retain highly qualified administrators, teachers and support staff.

  • Evaluate and compare PUSD pay/benefits to similar communities across the Bay Area.

State of the Art Facilities

  • Continue to improve and upgrade older facilities in the district.

  • Study bond money expenditures to make sure every penny is being spent properly.

  • Provide resources to staff to maintain high quality facilities.

Safe and Quality Learning during Covid19 Pandemic

  • Support innovative ways to endure high impact learning in this new environment.

  • Ensure all decisions are made with safety of students and staff in mind.

Balance Budget and Optimize all Funding Sources

  • Ensure transparency in the budgeting process. No Secrets!

  • All funding sources and restrictions should be disclosed and understood by parents.

  • Promote innovative ideas for balancing the budget and living within our means.

High Impact Curriculum that enhances the learning of a diverse community

  • Ethnic Studies at PHS

  • Expansion of the Dual Immersion program

  • Expansion of CTE (Career Technical Education) and vocational pathways